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Welcome to Tash Town! Once a happy place..


Now the town folk are forced to wear moustaches on their face!


Another new law, made by their mean Mayor, Jack.


The town folk must get some help to get them back on track!


You see, there's some naughtiness lurking, a bad plan under way So come and help defeat it in our new Panto Play!


We've a divalicious Fairy to help everyone along, And plenty of fun, music, laughter and a good ol' sing song!


And we can't forget the Elves, or our uniquely named new Dames!


So don't forget your 'taches to join in with our fun and games!

Christmas In Tash Town

Gemma Cavini - "So the show is now done - back to reality - although I bet in a month's time i'll still be finding fairy glitter in my house!!!"

Jackies Drop In- "Great show we all loved it thankyou love Jackies Dropin xx"

Rosemary Bailey - "A very entertaining show with a very talented cast, Always look forward to the next show!"


Mayor Jack – Tom Jennings

Fairy – Gemma Cavini

Purly – Eve Oliver


Jenny – Amy Vince

Yahoo – Glenn Wylds & Laura Joyce

 Nightmare – Heather McGaw

Micky – John Burstow


Antalina – Julian Griffin

Decalina – Daniel Muncey

Purly's Dad – Andy Allen


Young Jack - Callum O'Dowd 

Lance – Leon Barret

Jack's Mum – Lisa Albon

Jack's Dad – John Burstow

Fairy 2 – Julian Griffin

Jeremy Piles - Tom Jennings



Harley Albon

Sasha Albon

Sophie Allen

Kerry-ann Brown

Imogen Harper

 Clemmie Milligan

Callum O'Dowd

 Kyran O'Dowd

 Aaliyah Rudder-Albon

Daisy Sarl

              Stix Magazine - Show Review

2013‘s Christmas offering from Kats Act of the Magic Library was a great festive treat so was really looking for what was on offer this year . Christmas In Tash Town was a brand new original show written and directed by Katherine Males & Andrea Edwards.


The story centres around Tash town, a once happy place till Jack, a boy is cursed by Nightmare and grows a huge moustache, years later Jack becomes the mean Mayor and keeps creating laws including everyone (including the females )has to wear moustaches but the final straw as far as Jack’s laws are concerned is when he bans Christmas!!!!

This show has everything a fairy who likes the spotlight and throws her toys out of the pram, a wonderful villain in the shape of Nightmare played by Heather McGraw plus all the elements of a good show i.e. fun, music and some very familiar songs to get your toes tapping.

A wonderful show well written, and produced, and of course acted out by the talent local cast Cheered me up on a cold damp December evening and will you too. Deserves to be seen by a bigger audience.





81/2 out of 10

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