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I have had a brilliant time rehearsing with everyone!

      Amellia Brown

I really look forward to rehearsals every week, being part of the campany brings a huge smile to my


Stuart Bailey

Working with such a talented cast makes my job easy and very enjoyable. Its amazing to see how close everyone has become.

Katherine Males

Rehearsals are great fun and I really enjoy them. We have become a family and I look forward to each rehearsal

Rebecca Wisdom

KatsAct are a family, We are all there for           each other.


          Lisa Thompson

I love being a part of somthing that allows me to perform, be my self, learn, have fun. The show's are so much fun and I love filming side.

Stephanie Lawson

Being part of KatsAct as crew has allowed me to meet people who I now class as best friends and my extended family.

Karl Foxworthy

   I can honestly recommend KatsAct to all. A great bunch of people who help each other out and pushes people's career's in the right direction!


John Burstow

KatsAct is alwasy expanding

which I love and collaberating with other people. Never dull

day, has pushed me to believe I can achieve my goals.


Gabbi Cruise

Be part of an exciting theatre company.
Always creating 
Always acting
Always pushing you forward!

Every year we aim to put on two major productions one of which is our popular panto! Come join the fun, get involved behind the scenes or on the stage. 
We always welcome new talent!

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