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Step 1 - we look at dates available and book you in!


Step 2 - We arrange and have a Skype meeting, so we can get to know you and talk about the different scenes we could do, what you casting is etc.


Step 3 - We write the scripts, and change what you want until it's perfect.


Step 4- We cast the other parts, book the locations, and get your call sheet ready


Step 5 - Filming day! We film all six of your scenes to perfection in one long day.


Step 6 - We send you your six scenes, and your edited showreel. If its not right we carry on editing until you think it's perfect. You can have anything added to it or change it as many times as you like for 6 months free of charge. 

KatsAct started filming showreels in January 2015. Some of our in house actors needed new footage and were shocked at how much a showreel would be. The management team and production team then bashed their heads together and the KatsAct showreel service was created. 





Actors spend thousands on keeping creative, whether its training, buying costume or other bits for shows or projects. So tell me this... If an actor spends thousands on training, and if the average actor earns less in a year than someone on minimum wage then why are actors being charged such high amounts just to be able to show that they can do what they trained to do? Not only that but then be asked to write and cast it? At this point ultimately all you are paying for is a camera man and editor, so you may as well have gone out and bought your own camera for the amount you would be spending.


Organising cast, scripts, and the over all look is difficult and hundreds of actors end up with a showreel they are unhappy with because they were to busy concentrating on organising their day ( we just don't get it)


That's where KatsAct comes in, We believe that if your having a showreel done all you should think about on the day is costume and staying in character.


We tell you what to wear, when to change and we drive you to each location. All you need to do is concentrate on performance. Is that not what it should be about?


KatsAct have actors that come and help out and they enjoy it so much that they come back and have their's done. We are professional perfectionists and love what we do. 


Create, perform and don't be ripped off.

6 Scenes tailored just for you! Shot in one day!


Check out some excamples our work!!!





£150 = 6 scenes

£80= 3 Scenes


For bookings please call Kat on 07970330932

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support ....

The grange community centre, Putteridgbury, Hichin Priory, The George Hitchin, Ickleford Parish council, The venue, The Old George in Ickleford, Gerry's hole estate manager, Jackies Drop-in Centre, Hertfordshire county council, CVS, Hitchin Initiative, Ickleford stores,  

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