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We do it all!


KatsAct started filming promotion videos for up and coming theatre productions in 2013 usuing freelance videographers. At the end of 2014 KatsAct started creating showreels for its members offering six scenes and a reel at a small fee. KatsAct worked with each member to ensure they got what they wanted, it looked how they wanted it to look and  the results were fantastic.  KatsAct then went public with the showreel service in January 2015 and it's now one of the busiest enterprises of the company.

Since offering this service to the general public KatsAct have worked with over 200 people nationwide with clients coming from as far as Scotland and Wales. 

As well as showreels KatsAct has filmed a news project  and Q&A for a local primary school, short films, weddings, events, promotion videos, charity projects and mush more!


If you are looking for a company to assist making a script a reality you have come to the right place! 




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