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The Magic Library

5th,6th,7th and 20th December 2013

The Magic Library written and directed by Katherine Males & Andrea Edwards, tells the tale of a little girl called Anna who makes her wishes come true by mistake.


Anna is one of a number of children who have the misfortune of living in Higg's Foster Home, run by the evil Miss Higgs. Whilst locked in a library Anna says “I wish, I wish, I wish these stories were real!” and with a crash, whoosh and cackle, cleaning the library becomes the last thing on her mind.


With Characters causing havoc and Miss Higgs due back any minute, Anna has to find a way and to return everyone back to their stories and save the story world!





The Magic Library had me in stiches for days, it was the best Panto I have ever seen. My family are still talking about it.


(Audiance member)



Anna - Sophie Allen

Mya - Eliza Jones

Miss Higgs - Heather McGaw

Sophie - Imogen Harper

Ben- Rio Oudnie-Morgan

Jess- Eloise Bailey

Megan- Holly Bailey

Clemmie - Clemmie Milligan

Wally- Hana Minett

Genie- Richard Angol

Fairy- Vikki Argent

Anastasia - Andy Allen

Drusella- Stuart Bailey

Buzz - Glen Dolby

Woody- Glen Wylds

Cinderella - Amy Vince

Tarzan - Cathal Prendergast

Red Riding Hood - Stephanie Lawson

Dorothy- Rebecca Wisdom

Sleeping Beauty - Colette Mitchell

Cruella - Amellia Brown

Witch - Carissma Griffiths

Captain Hook - John Burstow

Chef Louis - Julian Griffin

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