The Magic Library written and directed by Katherine Males & Andrea Edwards, tells the tale of a little girl called Anna who makes her wishes come true by mistake.


Anna is one of a number of children who have the misfortune of living in Higg's Foster Home, run by the evil Miss Higgs. Whilst locked in a library Anna says “I wish, I wish, I wish these stories were real!” and with a crash, whoosh and cackle, cleaning the library becomes the last thing on her mind.


With Characters causing havoc and Miss Higgs due back any minute, Anna has to find a way and to return everyone back to their stories and save the story world!





The Magic Library

The Magic Library had me in stiches for days, it was the best Panto I have ever seen. My family are still talking about it.


(Audiance member)



Anna - Sophie Allen

Mya - Eliza Jones

Miss Higgs - Heather McGaw

Sophie - Imogen Harper

Ben- Rio Oudnie-Morgan

Jess- Eloise Bailey

Megan- Holly Bailey

Clemmie - Clemmie Milligan

Wally- Hana Minett

Genie- Richard Angol

Fairy- Vikki Argent

Anastasia - Andy Allen

Drusella- Stuart Bailey

Buzz - Glen Dolby

Woody- Glen Wylds

Cinderella - Amy Vince

Tarzan - Cathal Prendergast

Red Riding Hood - Stephanie Lawson

Dorothy- Rebecca Wisdom

Sleeping Beauty - Colette Mitchell

Cruella - Amellia Brown

Witch - Carissma Griffiths

Captain Hook - John Burstow

Chef Louis - Julian Griffin


5th,6th,7th and 20th December 2013