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One Girl, One Deam!


17th, 18th & 19th July 2014


Viola is a girl with a mission - she wants to change the world by helping other people. 


After moving to the big city with her mum, viola searches for people to help!


But she soon realises she can't help everyone, so moves her focus to the people around her!


Viola tries to help her mum become an honest person and gets her a job in a flower shop.


She tries to help her teacher, her sister and the others around her! 


But things don't run as smoothly as she would like!





Can Viola make her dream of changing the world come true, by helping those around her be happy?



Viola – Imogen Harper

Candy – Heather McGaw

Gary – Tom Jennings


Fran – Eve Oliver

Edward – Daniel Muncey

 Mr Parkinson – Kieron Mieres

Lousia – Rachel Early


Mr Kimberly – John Burstow

Ricky – Leon Barrett

Nathan- Julian Griffin

Miss Floribunda- Gemma Cavini

Urban – Leon Barrett

Dr Jarvis- Andy Allen

Harry- Leon Barrett

Sydney – Kieron Mieres

Bill- Julian Griffin

Ben – Andy Allen

Inspector – Lisa Albon

Mr Chandler –Harrison Riseley 



School Children

Adriano – Harley Albon

Belinda- Kerry-ann Brown

Caroline – Daisy Sarll

Deborah- Sasha Albon

Jade- Clemmie Milligan

Oliver- Callum O'Dowd

Wendy – Aaliyah Rudder-Albon

Xander- Kieron O'Dowd

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